Early Voting Day Was a Throwback to Civility

I thought carefully about how I would vote this year. I decided early voting would be my choice. I actually did the same thing in 2016. My thinking then and now was the same: if I was hit by a bus before November 3 I wanted to have cast my vote.

I put thought into WHEN I would venture into Medina County to vote. I live right over the border of Summit and Medina. I rarely venture into the depths of Medina so WAZE had to take me to the election board.

Kind of like “this little piggy” I didn’t want to go on the first day, too crowded. I didn’t want to wait too long, just in case of that bus. I preferred good weather to stand in line over rain or cold. I decided to go early in the four week period in case the line was too long and I would have to return at another time.

I chose a beautiful day to stand in line. Perhaps choosing a Friday afternoon was not the best decision but overall a great experience. Except for the pick-up truck in front of the space I pulled into, that had a three foot hitch attached that I had no way of seeing.

As I got in line I was informed it was a 30 minute wait to get into the polling space. By the time I had waited 15 minutes, the time doubled for the people behind me.

Everyone wore their mask and socially distanced. Except for some young people who felt the need to drive by and yell their choice, it was very very civil. The three dogs standing in line with their owners just made the ordeal more pleasant, at least for me. The poll worker helping with the line was very professional and helpful.

He explained the two different drop boxes and how they were secure if that was your choice. I was handed a glove for the hand that would use the machine.

Working with volunteers always strikes me like herding cats. Even those that are not volunteers, still when you do something only once every two years or four years it is hard to be error free. I expect to hear some stories about lost ballots. I expect that happens every election.

Voting early was a great experience. Standing in line I am sure people voted for different parties. For a brief 30 minutes we were a civilized society. Everyone actually acted like they liked or at the least respected each other. If only . . .

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