Box It. Burn It. Bury It.

Everyone has things that bother them. When the ‘thing” becomes consuming, your value can be hurt. It’s useless to tell yourself, “get over it’, or “stop thinking about it”. The more you tell yourself to stop thinking about anything, the more you think about it.

Here is my Box It option.

  1. Box It.

Write down the thoughts that take up space in the most expensive real estate in the world, your head. When you have exhausted every thought on the subject, put the papers in a box. You can write or type and print it out. You can write in narrative or on post-it notes. Fill the box and tape it shut. Choose a date in the future, three months away or six months away or a year away. Write the date on the box and in your calendar.

Retrieve the box on the date you chose. At that time you can open the box and decide whether to act on it or you can decide to move on. In the meantime, when a thought creeps into your head, remind self you will deal with it on that date. The act of giving your thoughts their voice, will help you clear them from your head.

Stay tuned for Burn It and Bury It! #communication #leadership

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