I am on Team Brady – Not Everything is a Case of Women Being the Victim

I read an article in Sunday’s New York Times about the Brady/Bundchen divorce. The further I got into the article the more frustrated I became. How could this be? I am a card carrying feminist. How could I take the side of the jock?

Not every example in a male – female scenario is misogyny.  Conversely, not every bad boss is a candidate for the Me-Too movement. They can just be a bad boss.

With Tom and Giselle, I believe there are football fields of information we are not privy to, nor should we be privy. My burning question is: he un-retired in April, why did Giselle make the ultimatum in August when he did/didn’t come to training camp? Football fields of info we just don’t have.

Here is my point of frustration. Money is not everything BUT it is how we evaluate success in the business world.

Giselle said she put her career on the back burner to be a mother and wife. Her net worth is almost double that of her husband. In the past year she made more money than any other super model. That just doesn’t feel like back burner to me.

Additionally, she put her earnings in a separate account. She supposedly paid nothing toward family expenses, not even picking up a dinner check. His earnings paid all expenses of his kids and wife.

I admire her fiscal perspective. I have a problem with the use of the “it’s my turn” card. I don’t want to see anyone stay in a miserable marriage. Maybe it just wasn’t anyone’s fault.#Brady #Giselle #MeToo

2 thoughts on “I am on Team Brady – Not Everything is a Case of Women Being the Victim

  1. Poignant observation. From first glance I too thought it was selfish on his part, but now knowing that monetary responsibilities were one sided; as well as the fact she kept up her extremely lucrative modeling career makes this less than what the media portrayed.

    Cheers Leslie for bringing other prisms into view for this example and in life in general!

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