Bury It. Box It. Burn It. Bury It.

Bury It. Option #3 Everyone has things that bother them. When the ‘thing” becomes consuming, your value can be hurt. It’s useless to tell yourself, or for someone else to tell you, “get over it’, or “stop thinking about it”.  The more you tell yourself to stop thinking about anything, the more you think about it. Whatever you do, don’t think about the elephant in the middle of the room!! Here is my Bury It Option #3 Write down the thoughts that take up space in the most expensive real estate in the world, your head. You can write or type and print it out. You can write in narrative or on post-it notes. When you have exhausted every thought on the subject, gather the papers. Use a box or bag: a garbage bag or a decorative bag. Dig a hole in your back yard. If you want to make the act more ceremonial, find a quote or passage that you find appropriate. Think about whether you want to do this by yourself or with one other person or others. Be purposeful in your decision. Have a little ceremony to add to the closure. This is a way to give yourself more closure rather than waiting for others to give you closure. The act of burying these consuming thoughts will help you clear these thoughts from your head. The goal is to move forward in your thoughts and actions. This act will make you lighter on the remainder of your journey. Bury It. Box It. Burn It. Bury It.  #leadership

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