Did You Know? January is Walk Your Dog Month!

Benji and I walk pretty much every day of the year. Sometimes when the weather is really bad I will ask another sparse walker “are we crazy or to be admired?”

I am not sure of the answer. We walked in the freeze of Christmas 2022, “are we crazy or to be admired?”

We walk in the torrential downpours, “are we crazy or to be admired?”

I don’t know the answer. I have come to realize, with some education from Doug P, that I get my energy from “the land”. I guess people get energy in different ways.

I didn’t know there was a label for the yearning I have every morning to get outside. I feel this way if I am in Chicago, thank you Michigan Ave, if I am in Puerto Vallarta, thank you to downtown PV, or when I would visit my parents in Tucson, thank you desert for those walks even when I did get lost one time.

January is walk your dog month. Ever since I read that overweight dogs have overweight owners, I am obsessed for my dogs to not be overweight! Walk your dog this month and see if you get energy from the land.

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