Cuomo, Fauci, Trump in a Pasture- Who do the horses follow?

I rode horses for several decades. I drove a horse in a buggy, once. ONCE. The one time I drove a horse I drove him literally right into a wall. I gave him mixed messages which resulted in confusion on his part. That image stays in my head when I hear speakers give mixed messages.

Listen to a “Covid” press conference and you will hear mixed messages on issues such as a state re-opening. Mixed messages drive the audience into a figurative wall. Which direction do they listen to – the right hand or the left hand?

HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership, the book and the actual experience, connects lessons from horses to everyday leadership. These two lessons are connected:

#58 Beware of mixed message you may communicate. #52 Give clear and concise direction. Listen to Gov. Cuomo, Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump. Ask yourself who gives mixed messages, who is clear? A horse can identify clarity, can you?

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