Tattoo parlors? Is that flexibility?

Lesson #46 in HorseTalk: 100 Lessons in Leadership is DECIDE WHEN TO BE FLEXIBLE. We have watched as each state’s governor decides how flexible to be: tattoo parlors open or closed?

Flexibility is a top 3 characteristic of leaders today. Not random flexibility. You have to rely on observable, measurable evidence to know when to be flexible. After considering the evidence, you are obligated to be flexible. Governors need to depend on evidence: numbers, tracing and testing as observable and measurable. We as citizens can observe social distancing, gloves and masks as evidence: no mask, no gloves, no service.

Georgia Governor Kemp endured the wrath of citizens and even Trump as he demonstrated flexibility, without evidence as he opened tattoo parlors, hair salons, and bowling alleys. Michigan Governor Whitmer demonstrated flexibility based on her state’s numbers slowly relaxing restrictions: some businesses reopened/public can participate in activities like golf and boating.

To be an effective leader, you have to be flexible. That flexibility needs a strong foundation of evidence. More lessons in HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership.  # #horsetalk #leadership2020

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