Customer Delight Versus Customer Fright

Neiman Marcus has often been referred to as NEEDLESS MARKUP.

My recent experience gives them four thumbs up in Customer Delight.

I find no better prices than the 50% off with extra 25%-33% off in their Flash Sales. Of course that means that your size often won’t be available, sometimes no size is available. When you do find a deal, it is a really good deal because the shipping is free both ways. Want to return it? Shipping free.

I recently ordered an item —long story shorter, I wanted to return it for a size that was now available on-line, wanted to pay the same price I had paid for the first one even though the Flash Sale was over.

Live chat was moderately successful until I got a different person to chat with and then I was back to zero. I gave up. NM sent me a questionnaire about their service. I filled out the one question with my still unrealized goal.

A half an hour later I received an email that they were sending the item at the price I first paid. I was happy and I thought we were done.

A day later I received a call from Texas. I almost did not answer. I don’t know anyone besides Mark Cuban in Texas and I didn’t think he was calling me.

It was NM customer service. They were following up on the low rating I had given their customer service before my problem was solved.

WOW. Often we never know if something we fill out or send in ever gets read let alone acted upon.

In light of my recent bad experiences with DELTA and UPS, it was so heartening to have a company offer customer delight me instead of customer fright!

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