What Does a Coffee Stop Have to Do with OSU and Domestic Abuse?

This morning my stop at my local gas station brought a rare WIN.

Rare is it when we actually know at the time that we scored a WIN.

This win was nice not just because it was a win. But because maybe in some small way a women’s safety or life could be saved.

It started with sports banter about the Browns. I changed the dialogue to OSU football and the rising crises there for OSU football fans.

We will name him Tony, said what was the big deal – why would Urban Meyer be suspended or fired, it’s not like it was murder.

Those of you who may not know, the crux of this case is about domestic abuse.

First the head coach said he did not know about the domestic abuse circling around a member of his staff. He told the media he did not know.

Then he said he did know. Lying to the media is not a crime. Active concealment of a felony is a crime.

This is where Tony said, what is the big deal it’s not like it was murder.

Tell that to Nicole Simpson.

Perhaps if OJ had been put away on domestic abuse charges, she would still be alive.

My point was, domestic abuse or murder, is a matter of inches.

Oh, Tony said, kind of like football is a game of inches.

Isn’t life a matter of inches?

Maybe sometime in our life we missed an accident or an artery by inches.

The case is now being investigated for what did he know and when did he know it.

My point was, it is a felony to not report a felony. We don’t get to decide whether it is less serious because it is not murder.

My WIN came because Tony seemed to really get it.



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