Dead President’s+ Boot Camp

You read it correctly, dead Presidents plus one! In honor of President’s Day, MLK Day and Valentine’s Day too, we bring you a unique program.

Really, have you seen a speech, seminar or Boot Camp on dead guys before?

So much to learn from:

·     Lincoln’s very short Gettysburg address

·     Washington’s visual as the Commander before there was even an army

·     How FDR used the Fireside Chat

·     MLK’s handwritten index cards   

·    a couple people who are still alive

·     and so much more

It’s a BOOT CAMP because it is intensive, interactive, and participatory . . . try telling your Drill Sergeant you don’t want to do push-ups!

Dead President’s Boot Camp February 17, 9am – 12:30pm

Valentine’s gift included for each attendee.

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