What does a Best Director and a President Have in Common or Not?

What could Oscar winning Jane Campion and President Zelensky possibly have in common? At the Critic’s Choice Awards Sunday night Jane Campion won for Best Director. She gave a shout out to Serena and Venus Williams during her acceptance speech. She then went on to make an unplanned, unprepared, unpleasant remark, which she spent the next day trying to walk back.

Some people toast the unscripted speech. Especially when it comes to an acceptance speech, of any kind. Some people think authentic beats prepared.

Not so much. Just ask Campion, who instead of basking in the glory of Best Director and Best Movie spent her time apologizing and trying to re-write her history.

President Zelensky has not made a misstep. He speaks twice a day to his countrymen and women. Every morning and every night he addresses the nation, usually from a bunker.  There is a consistency and courage in his communication.

Whoever you are, whatever your message, wherever you are on the organizational chart, take 3 minutes to prepare. Three minutes to prepare versus a life time of trying to explain. #zelensky

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