Do What You Say – A Low Bar or a High Bar?

I was stunned by a little snippet I read a couple of weeks ago. With all the information that comes to us every day, on a variety of platforms, it’s hard for one thing to stand out.

But it did.

A wealthy Christian, GOP donor was asked if he was going to support Ron DeSantis.

He answered, AND I paraphrase, “why would I support someone who doesn’t call me back?’

I was stunned. In theory, we should return all phone calls. With caller ID, let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t even answer the phone.

Wouldn’t you think if you were a wealthy donor, you would get your phone calls returned?

Think about his answer. He didn’t talk about the governor’s fight with THE MOUSE, or his stand on gay issues or abortion. It was simply that he didn’t return his calls.

To return all of your calls . . . low bar or high bar/ #leadership #coaching

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