Know When It Is Your Time

 Can you look in the honest mirror and decide when it is your time? Everyone wants to weigh in on your future. Can you listen and not act on each piece of advice? Can you cut through well-intentioned and maybe not so well- intentioned advice and steer your own course?  
In 2007 I thought it was not Barack Obama’s time. I was wrong and he was right. He is one of 21 of 45 presidents who earned a second term. When he ran for president he was 46, had served 3 years in the U.S. Senate and 7 years in the Illinois legislature.  

Justin Bibb has been Cleveland mayor for 500+ days.When he was elected he had never held public office. He brought with him an undergrad degree from Georgetown, an MBA and JD from Case Western and a boat load of charisma. The prior mayor Frank Jackson spent about 15 years in council.  

Shammas Malik returned to Akron amidst a hoopla of interest. With a Harvard law degree, he chose to come back “home”.  A couple years later ran for city council and then mayor. His record of public service is 3 ½ years of council experience and a dream of collaboration. Barring unforeseen circumstances, he will become the 63rd mayor.   Young or not so young, well experienced or less experienced, each one of us has to be able to look in the “honest mirror” and decide for ourselves when it is our time. Do you know when it is your time? #malik4mayor #mayorbibb #cle #coaching

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