Do You Leave Bread Crumbs for Clients to Follow You?

Hänsel und Gretel is a well-known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Hansel takes a slice of bread and leaves a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow home.

Recently I went to a new shall we say work out facility. I had my Groupon in my hand when I arrived at the correct address. I went in. The marquee in the lobby did not have the name of the provider I was looking to find. I asked a business on the first floor. They did not know. IF THERE WERE ONLY BREAD CRUMBS!

I thought I was clever and stopped the mail person in the parking lot. My bad luck he was filling in for someone’s vacation time and had no idea.

I tried to call. In this day and age so many places have only a cell phone, not a designated person to answer in a place of business. IF THERE WERE ONLY BREAD CRUMBS!

Finally I saw a UPS delivery person. He guessed he knew where they were located and off to the third floor I went. Now on the correct floor and still no signage. I stumbled and fumbled my way.

I think this is bad enough.  Providers of any product or service are charged with making the experience easy for prospects and customers, not difficult and challenging.

Wait there is another chapter. I overheard a conversation between the business owner and a patron. The business was downsizing their space to save $800 a month.

How interesting. You have made it almost impossible for people to find you and then you are struggling with rent. Could there be a connection?

I share this story because we all do this in some way. We all make it difficult for people to work with us even when we really want and need them to be a client, customer, patient, guest or member.

What do you do that makes it hard to make your rent, get your promotion or make your world bigger in some way? How can you leave bread crumbs in some way for those whom you want to follow you?

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