Do You Make Things Easy or Difficult?

The simple truth is that the world is divided into two groups of people: those that make life easier and those that make life harder.

The simplest action can be challenging, try calling a company that only has a circular phone answering service.

At the same time, have you ever ended up saying “that was so much easier than I thought” about a call or action that you had dreaded.

At a summer non-profit fundraiser, I bid on a service at the silent auction. As you probably know, today all of the bidding takes place on your phone. So I bid on it a few times, and then saw that I was over bid. My strategy was to wait until the last minute and place what could be the last bid. I forgot to bid again, and by the time I remembered the bidding was closed.

End of story. Or not.

A couple of weeks later I received an email from the non-profit “scolding” me for not picking up my prize. #1 no one told me that I won #2 why would I need to “pick up” a piece of paper, the certificate?

I asked the contact person if they could send it to me. No, they couldn’t be responsible if I didn’t receive it in the U.S. mail.

Can you just scan it or even take a photo and email it to me?

All I wanted was the contact info for the vendor.

No, I was told. The vendor may not trust a scanned copy.

FINALLY I just said, “Email it to me, I will take it from there”.

Once I could read the scanned copy on my laptop, I called the vendor. She never asked for a certificate number or any kind of verification. She actually believed/assumed that I was the winner of the service she had provided. Imagine that.

The vendor was the kind of person that makes things easy.

Which one are you? #leaders

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