Even Michael Jordan Had Consequences

If you are like much of the world, you watched the 10 part ESPN series The Last Dance, telling the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan story. One of the highlights was episodes 7/8. Current day Michael Jordan answered accusations that he was a bad teammate. He referred to himself as a tyrant.

While addressing this issue he actually teared up and asked to take a break and stop taping. Right before that break he said, Winning has a price, Leadership has a price. And you think, six NBA rings versus a little verbal and physical abuse, maybe that is OK.

Quickly as soon as the words came out of his mouth, experts started weighing in. Granted it is more than 20 years later and workplaces have changed. What I found most interesting were the workplace and sports experts that contended that he could have won MORE than six rings if he had a less abusive style.

The bottom line is Lesson #35 from HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership. There are always consequences. Even if you are Michael Jordan.

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