MJ a Tyrant is a GOOD Thing?

There are always going to be the critics. Fans around the world watched THE LAST DANCE. Yet there was criticism on multiple fronts. One volley was that Michael Jordan’s first wife, with whom he was married through-out most of the magic years, was nowhere to be found in the docu-series.

Their daughter, in her 20’s now, said her mother was fine with being absent from the series. Her reply in fact was that she had been there, done that, and moved on.

Others, on her long-distance-never-met-her-behalf, were upset with the “slight” Juanita apparently was not. The lesson is to look at things from your audience perspective. It is always less about what you think or how you would react. It is about your audience. Juanita was not upset so why are we?

Another shot aimed at MJ and I guess the series is that it was a white wash. Others looked bad but not Air Jordan. Our bar for bad is way out of kilter. He calls himself a tyrant, the world finds out that twice he physically hit a team mate and often verbally abused them, and we call this a white wash?

In politics and life perhaps we have gotten too used to bullying and negativity. Since when did being called a tyrant become a good thing?

Or even an OK thing?

Let’s be diligent in screening what we hear and read: look for the observable, measurable evidence that it is what people say it is.

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