Everything Will Smith Needed to Remember, He Learned in Elementary School.

“Keep your hands to yourself” is a phrase we all can remember from kindergarten into elementary school.

Not being a fighter, I didn’t really understand why teachers kept repeating “Keep your hands to yourself”. Where else would I want my hands to be? It took me until I was in college to learn.

My parents owned their own business. One day an employee named Finley sucker-punched my dad in the face. Two surgeries later and my dad’s face would be changed forever. I learned to take seriously “Keep your hands to yourself”.

Finley went to prison. I remember the trial where his small children sat in the court room. I didn’t really care what “set him off”. He hit my dad with no warning, and changed all of our lives. I didn’t feel badly that he was held accountable.

I feel the same way about Will Smith. He needs to be held accountable. I don’t care what flipped his switch. Speakers, hosts, MC’s and yes even comics need to feel safe when they are in the spotlight whether it is on a stage or behind a podium. What if a client doesn’t like your price or your terms? Is it OK to NOT keep your hands to yourself?

Let’s look at it from a communication perspective. Will Smith has been in our world for decades: from Fresh Prince to Men in Black to Independence Day. We are lucky if people remember one thing about us. To Cavs fans Michael Jordan’s one thing was “the shot”. Now Will Smith’s one thing may be “the slap”. #oscars #willsmith #accountability

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