Oscars 2022: Three take-aways A lot of color, a lot of breasts and a lot of barriers broken

I always look forward to Oscar night. I reserve a seat on the couch hours before the ceremony so I can see the red carpet up close. Most years I nod off before it is over, disappointed once again. What keeps me excited each year is the possibility that an acceptance speech (Sally Field, you like me) or a dress (Bjork, swan) will long be remembered. If that happens, I want to see it in real time. 

  1. The red carpet was filled with color: a lot of red, orange, purple, and green. That in itself can lift one’s spirits. Maybe it is a reflection of a more positive mood in America. Maybe.
  2. From Tracee Ellis Ross to Venus Williams to Ariana DeBose, I haven’t seen as much boob since Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl. The difference is that these performers didn’t show boob in a malfunction. Each dress is fitted with purpose. 
  • Then there were the barriers broken through-out the show. Ariana DeBose sharing her 12 year old “queer” self in her acceptance speech, three woman sharing hosting duties, and Troy Kotsur, a deaf actor who won the Best Supporting Actor award. 

From Beyonce’s opening song to Jada Pinkett Smith’s never-ending-dress of a hundred yards: from Wesley Snipe’s tuxedo shorts to Kristen Stewart’s barely there shorts to Timothee Chalamet not-there shirt, I loved it all. It is for each us to identify a lesson learned that we can apply to be memorable, saying a great line, and creating a magical moment. #standwithukraine

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