Goldilocks and Biden’s VP Choice

I have struggled with Biden’s VP choice. Who would I want as VP?

Not that he is asking me anytime soon, but I want to be prepared with my preference. I found that it was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks found one bed too big, one bed too tiny, one bed too soft and one bed too hard. That’s how I felt about the candidates.

I like Kamala Harris but not as VP. I wanted someone preferably with experience at the state level of administration, like a governor.

I like the governor of Michigan, but in this COVID mess would she be able to rise above the haters?

I like the governor of New Mexico, but would she be too invisible there in the southwest?

I like the mayor of Atlanta, but a big jump to go from city to federal.

And on and on. One had too little experience, one had the wrong experience. And then I seriously considered Senator Tammy Duckworth.

As an Army helicopter pilot, shot down in her Blackhawk, she “wakes up every day thinking, I am never going to make Dan regret saving my life”. She lost two legs in that war, advocates for veterans, went from the House to the Senate, has two children under 6,

She said, “I would leap into a burning fire to pull that flag to safety, but I will fight to the death for your right to burn it”.

WOW. She doesn’t check all my boxes, but at the same time she checks boxes I didn’t know I had. A candidate is like a spouse, they don’t check all the boxes but they check the important ones.

I don’t think a woman should be selected just because she is a woman. Although we have selected men just for being men.

Male or female Tammy Duckworth is the best of us.

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