Here’s What Being a Browns Fan Today Says About You

IF YOU ARE A BROWNS FAN AT 1-24, you should not hold any leadership position, in anything.

I am not a Browns Hater. I am not a fan either. As you may have heard me reference in the past, I used to be a huge BROWNS fan. My first two cars were orange and brown (on purpose) and those are not pretty colors for a car, even for a Corvette.

My first real purchase after grad school was two season tickets to, you guessed it, the Browns. I actually was at the Ice Bowl even though thousands say they were when they were actually warm at home in the below zero weather.

1-24. If you are a fan today, then you should not run a company or even a Boy Scout troop. If you are a fan today then you don’t get a say in anything from buying groceries to where you are going for dinner.

1-24. If you are a fan today, you have accepted less than mediocrity. If you are a fan today, you are better at excuses than performance and you should not have a say in anything important.

1-24. If you are a fan today, you have given up on winning, at anything. The Browns don’t win on offense, defense, or special teams. They don’t win at passing, running or kicking. If you are a Browns fan you have given up. I don’t want you contributing to the future of anything.

1-24. If you are a Browns fan you live in an alternate reality. You see something positive in losing. “We lost by less”, “We were ahead at halftime”, “they are throwing less interceptions”. This is not a reality I want to live in. This is not a reality your company could survive in.

Fans that see something positive in bad drafts, bad assessments, bad contracts, bad coaching, bad plays, are not just looking through rose colored glasses. They are dangerous to what America used to believe, accountability.

1-24. Fans that are not repulsed by 1-24 no longer believe that people need to be held accountable. That to me is scarier than one victory in 25 games.

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