I Get to be One of 8 – There is NO Such Thing as a Little Thing

I am Excited to be One of EIGHT. There was the Chicago 7 and now I am one of Debate Night 8.

Mark Halperin is a nationally recognized pundit. You can hear him weigh in on political issues on some talk shows and he has a well thought out newsletter he sends out 7 mornings a week.

Recently in one of his newsletters there was a call for volunteers for a focus group.

I volunteered.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was volunteering for but I have certainly watched enough focus groups on TV. I was surprised and delighted when I was selected.

I was shocked when I went on to find out that I was only one of eight people in the entire country in this focus group. Shocked again when the focus group was moved to AFTER the final debate. I mean like minutes after the final debate ends at 11pm.

The focus group starts at 11:45pm and goes until 1:15am

It is of course a zoom focus group. Unlike most zoom sessions that we all participate in, the 8 members are instructed to keep their microphones ON for the entire session.

Natural comments and expressions are encouraged rather than FORBIDDEN.

Mark Halperin himself is the facilitator. 

Except for the fact I have to still have make-up on at midnight, I am very excited about this opportunity. It is what I call FUN. Especially in this FUN challenged Covid time. 

I answered a question in a newsletter I read every morning. Now I get to be one of eight people weighing in – in some small way on a national election.

My participation is not going to change the world or the election. 

But it is proof that there are no such things as little things and big things.

Anything has the opportunity to be a big thing at any time.

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