I Think I have Managed to use LinkedIn in Reverse

Let me explain.

I have a dog that has a heart murmur. He is also the dog who requires walking 2-4 miles a day, every day. So I say that his heart murmur works in reverse. It gives him energy instead of taking it away. The same phenomenon has taken place in my LinkedIn efforts.

One of my goals through this shut in/home shelter/quarantine/American gains 20 pounds, was to expand my LinkedIn connections. I suppose a goal of expanded connections is increased business in some way. So I have been working on increasing connections to indirectly expand the world that knows about my book, HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership.

An interesting phenomenon has taken place in my LinkedIn experience. I have bought the book of two people who I connected to and sent a third one a copy of my book for free. I think I have managed to use LinkedIn in reverse: it cost me money instead of made me any money.

On one hand I think it is funny. On the other hand I really don’t mind. I figure if you do good deeds they will eventually come back to you. What you put out there comes back to you. But you have to admit, two Amazon purchases later, I worked LinkedIn in reverse.

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