Some Authentic Thoughts on Leaders During this Crises

I tried posting about my book. Honestly, at this time in our history, who really cares about a book that is seemingly about horses? I tried posting about lessons learned from this pandemic. Let’s face it we aren’t ready for the lessons. Do we even know what the lessons are while we are still in the present?

I don’t try to look at life through the lens of communication and leadership, I just do. So I am going to post through-out this time, however long it is (Dr. Fauci says, the virus decides the timeline we don’t decide the timeline) posts that look at this time from a communication perspective, a leadership perspective, or both.

I was not a Governor Cuomo fan before March 2020. I sure am now. I tell everyone I talk to or email to watch his daily press briefing. If you want to know what leadership during a crises looks and sounds like, watch Andrew Cuomo: firm, direct, honest, shares his thought process as to how he makes decisions, and injects humor into each conference. Watch it live each morning around 10: 30 or watch on YouTube ( It is a primer for building trust and calming a nation.

His political career has had its ups and downs. In his 3rd term as governor, I don’t see a direct path to the White House. From my perspective his verbal, vocal and visual is not a strategy to a Pennsylvania Ave end game.

One former aide described him as a hammer that saw everyone as a nail. At this time with NYC the epicenter of the virus, American needs a big hammer. Especially when the hammer has a heart on display at each press conference.

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