Is Your Vocabulary 2021?

Recently someone said to me, “If the check doesn’t get there, I am going to WIRE the money”. I just looked at them and said, “You can say that to me, but please don’t ever say WIRE to anyone else”.

The person then tried to say they would pay on-line. I explained that on-line is current, WIRE is something that if you are under 50 years of age, it is probably Greek to you and sounds just as ancient.

Why is this important? The language we use helps people identify our relevancy. When is the last time you WIRED money to someone? Probably, never. When is the last time you bought something on-line? Probably last week.

To be DATED is not just your age number. When the I-pod first came out, the very first person I knew that had one and downloaded 50 cent, was 65 years old. Being DATED or RELEVANT is more about a mindset. But that mindset is communicated in your verbal, vocal and visual.

We turn to the 3 V’s to measure how current you are. The New York Times listed words that were new or newly used in 2020. Perhaps understanding these words and using them is one way to communicate you relevancy in 2021.

Some of the words are Blursday, Doomscrolling, Pod, Aerosol Droplets,  Unprecedented, Superspreader, Flatten the Curve, Panic Shopping, Quarantine and Quarantini.

One way to protect your value is for words to say 2021 not 1921.

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