Words Matter: The World is Watching and Listening

Every year up until this year, I have attended a conference in D.C. My favorite speaker was Frank Luntz, wordsmith and political consultant. His consulting practice is based on the concept that WORDS MATTER. Hold that thought.

My mom’s biggest pet peeve, and she had quite a few, was people who didn’t tell the truth. If you were a serial murderer and had killed ten people, she would be more upset that you lied to her about the number than that you committed the crime!

Words Matter and Truth Matters. If words matter, there is a difference between a protest and a riot. If words matter, there is a difference between a group and a mob. If words matter, it matters when the words “lock her up” are used. If words matter, sedition is a word that matters.

What does that have to do with my mom? If you live by Selma’s law to tell the truth, can people scaling up the side of the capitol be considered guests?

If the truth is important, verbally sending a whipped up mob to march to the capitol is not freedom of speech, especially when the president says those words.

If truth is important, combat justice is not a term we use in our everyday lives.

GOP congress and senate members have been released to “vote their conscience” in the impeachment vote. Will these members take into account the consequences of words?  Will they believe that WORDS MATTER? Will they look in the honest mirror and tell themselves the truth?

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