Must See TV – Lesson #31 Learn from Everything

During Gov. Cuomo’s daily press conference, on April 30 Mayor Bloomberg made a brief appearance via Zoom. In his few minutes, he said that the governor’s press conference has become “must see TV”. Think about that. Don’t we all want to become “must see”? Whatever profession, don’t you want to be the “must see” person: whether you are a dr, dentist, artist, teacher, builder, consultant, or speaker.

One thing that contributes to Cuomo’s “must see” status is his 40+ years of government experience. It appears there is nothing he can’t comment on off-the-cuff due to his experience as a twenty something working for his father for $1 a year, as attorney general, as a member of Clinton’s cabinet, or as governor. It appears that everything he has learned, as Housing Secretary or as a father of three girls or as the son of a governor, has contributed to his expertise. A current example of Lesson #31 Learn from Everything. For more lessons you can purchase on Amazon  HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership, . #HorseTalk, #Leadership #cuomo


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