Out of the Mouth of Babes: Run Laps

Everyone has weighed in on the question, “what is wrong with the CAVS?” From national sports radio Golic and Wingo to local talking heads to CAVS players, what is wrong with the CAVS is like a daily game show. Except that so far no one has won a grand prize for the right answer.

Lack of accountability is often brought up as the culprit. Rarely do we see a player benched for the worst defense in the league or for taking bad shots. We see a lot of finger pointing but not a lot of ownership.

To add a voice to this discussion comes a 15 year old. Recently I was at an event where I met a high school basketball player. I asked him if he had a lot of coaches in his playing years. He said, yes. I asked him what he would do for the CAVS if he was their coach. He answered quickly and succinctly with, “laps”. In the world of a young athlete, running laps is often the answer for all problems and challenges.

His answer was elegant in its simplicity. Think about it, if the CAVS players had some kind of consequence would LeBron have 11 turnovers, J.R. no points, or IT poor shot selection?

What if we had consequences for our turnovers and missed shots? Should we run laps?

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