7 Things to Look and Listen for in SOTU

  1. The guests. Not just the guests of the president, the guests of Congress and the Senate. You will see accomplished professionals from ___hole countries, the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico, Bill Nye the Science Guy and parents of children killed by illegal immigrants.
  2. Who is not there? Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg for two.
  3. What the president does not say. Will he mention Russia or the FBI or what he has not been able to do due to executive orders being ruled unconstitutional.
  4. You will hear a lot about the economy.
  5. What will you hear about the Wall? He said Mexico would pay for it, will he ask Congress for the money in this speech?
  6. Mitch McConnell said he does not know where Trump stands on immigration. What will he say about immigration and the Dreamers? Breitbart dubbed him Amnesty Don last week when he supported a track for the Dreamers. Will he lead or ask Congress to get a bill on his desk?
  7. Melania Trump. The First Lady did not accompany him to Davos last week. She will be in attendance. Watch for cues in her visual.

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