The Democratic Debates: Why Should You Care Who Has a Break out Moment?

The Democratic debates start Wednesday in Miami why should you care? We are a year and a half away from the next presidential election. Perhaps you are an Independent or a Republican. Perhaps you don’t think that any part of this process matters until there is one candidate left standing.

Why should you care? Twenty candidates will try in this non-debate debate, to get a break out moment that will make them memorable.

How many times will Elizabeth Warren say policy or plan? How many times will Bernie Sanders say free . . . free something from free college to free healthcare?

How many times will Pete Buttigieg bring up his age?

How many times will Biden refer to his time as VP as the Obama – Biden administration?

How many times can Amy Klobuchar say Mid-West?

Will anyone say the name Hillary Clinton?

Why should you care? From a communication perspective there are so many lessons to be learned. How will the candidates answer the “why you” question?  It’s the same question you struggle with in an interview for a job or a client.

Watch the debates to see how candidates answer “how are you different” than the field of seemingly a hundred candidates? It’s the same question you have to answer whether or not it is actually asked of you.

Why should you care? Each candidate will try to figure out how to stand out visually from the crowded field. Both men and women are somewhat limited as to how to stand out visually. For men, what can their tie do for them? How well tailored will their suit be compared to off the rack? Hillary managed to have suit jackets with contrasting collars. What will the female candidates do to stand out?

This debate has five different moderators. What will they do visually, verbally, and vocally to stand out.

For two nights on NBC, everywhere you turn there will be a lesson to be learned.



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