Why Golden State and the Splash Brother Will Win

I am going way out on a limb on this one. There will be no room to walk back from this prediction.

I think Golden State will win this now 2 game series.

I understand that a rational person would rationalize that without KD, it’s just not going to happen. I get it.

I watched the last few minutes of game 5, yes I watched the GS lead dissolve into thin Toronto air. I also saw Toronto miss those last shots that you just can’t do against the splash brothers.

It will no longer be a matter of talent. Toronto has KL, Golden State has SC, and on and on.

It will be a matter of grit. Pure and true grit. Because GS has been to the finals so many times, I just think they have more of a reserve of grit to call upon in these last two games.

I never sat for the bar or the CPA exam. I have to believe much of the challenge is mental. It always comes down to grit.

I used to be a runner. I want not a good runner, but a runner. I found long distances were more about grit than talent.

Anyone in business today needs grit. Watch Game 6 for grit. The team with more, wins.


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