The Only Reason the Emmys were Important This Year

With the first presidential debate a week away, why am I talking about the Emmys? The virtual Emmy’s was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel this past Sunday. It is now history and the debate if the future.

BUT there first is an important lesson to learn before the Emmy’s are in the rearview mirror along with the first 8 months of the year. I looked forward to these Emmys. Not with the same enthusiasm as usual: there would be no red carpet to perch myself at hours before the ceremony began. But I did think they would be a break from both the news and Netflix.

I hated them. I hated the Emmys. Up until now, FRONTIER Phone Company was the only thing I really hated. Here is what I hated and perhaps what we can learn from the debacle.

When Schitt’s Creek received their first Emmy their enthusiasm was palpable and infectious. When they received their second Emmy I smiled at the TV. When they received their third Emmy I looked blankly at the screen. By the fifth Emmy I changed channels even though there was nothing much on anywhere.

Here is why I looked away from the debacle. In the 90’s Sex and the City won Everything and then it could win nothing. In the early 2000’s The Sopranos won everything and then they could win nothing. In the latter 2000’s Mad Men won everything and then nothing. And so it went for Mrs. Maisal, Handmaiden’s Tale, etc. etc. etc.

It appears the Academy falls in love, hard. Then they fall out of love. When they are in love, they have blinders on to any other “suitors”. When out of love, it appears that there is nothing they like about the old boyfriend.

Do we do that too? Do we chase the shiny ball to the exclusion of everything else? Do we go really hot and really cold?

Could we find somewhere in-between?

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