How and When I Knew Baker Mayfield was a Bust

I was such a Brown’s fan that my first car was orange and brown. I was such a Brown’s fan that my first major purchase when I started working after grad school was a pair of Brown’s season tickets. I was such a Brown’s fan that I gave up my tickets in protest to trading Bernie Kosar.

I have lived a small amount of Brown’s history as I wax un-poetic about them. Every training camp I have a modicum, a grain of hope for the upcoming season, for a moment in time.

When “leader” Baker Mayfield rescinded his verbal commitment to take a knee with players, I knew it was over for the Browns. Make a commitment to take a knee with your team and you are a leader. Change course because some people “talk to you” and that is not a leader.

You can’t be a leader some time and cower to other people and philosophies other times.   As soon as I read Baker’s change of heart or mind or perceived dollar value, I knew it was over.

Players, co-workers, team members of all kinds do not follow tentative leaders. Today I take a knee and tomorrow I don’t is a tentative leader. 6 points in a football game compared to 38 points by your opponent is not leading a team back to relevancy. #Browns #Baker

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