Use a Little Shock in Your Day

An invisible fence works for a reason. We can learn a lesson from the fence that we can apply on a regular basis, without the electric shock. Success of the fence is based on the ability of the fence to consistently give a small “shock” when the dog gets close.

If the dog gets through the fence without a shock, it is positive reinforcement to the dog to go through the fence. Conversely, if the shock is small it might be worth it to the dog to continue to try to get to the world on the other side of the fence.

Let’s say a team member comes to you and asks you to do their paperwork. They say they are busy, sick, kidnapped or whatever. Your challenge is to be consistent in your answer, a little shock not an electrocution and not nothing.

You would continually say, “I would like to help but I am on deadline”. Or “I would like to help but my power is out today”. You keep repeating as does the fence.

You don’t add to your voltage by saying, “Are you deaf? What about NO did you not hear? Do your own work.” That is upping the intensity of a verbal electric shock.

 At the same time, you don’t let the dog through the fence with no consequence.

Can you deliver a consistent electric shock? #leadership

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