Your Presence is a GIFT

            Sunday, the only LeBron James Arena in the world, formally named the basketball court in honor of Coach Dru Joyce. Coach Joyce has won more state titles than any other coach in Ohio history.

It was a hot afternoon in an un-air-conditioned high school gym, during covid and a particularly tense time in Akron. The rules of communication apply to all days of the week and all days of a pandemic and all situations.

One’s presence is a present. From the time I received the invitation, people asked, “will LeBron be there?”  

He was in attendance. And when all the former players were asked to come forward for the unveiling of the court, he came up with and as a hundred others. When players hung around for photos with the coach, he was present.

Our presence is a gift that we can choose to give. Make your choice to be present purposeful. Zoom is great and sending a bouquet of balloons is an option. Your presence is still the best gift you can give. #lebron #preence

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