What Do a Speech and a Resume Have in Common?

If there is not some pain involved with both of these, you are not doing either one correctly.

I am working on three resumes for clients. From time to time I either edit or create resumes, usually for on-going clients. Technology, like life, has strong points and weak points. The more we are capable of doing ourselves through options like Canva, the more work and responsibility we have to do things effectively. The process is more painful now that our audience’s attention span is even shorter. Basically, one has to get their life on one side of one page. If it is not painful, you are not doing it effectively.

A client sent me a 12 page resume. Twelve pages not 12 paragraphs. The pain involved in reducing 12 pages to 2, required much chocolate. Add to the writing process, the creative options in prototypes, selection of photo, font style and sizing that adds up to a lot of pain!

Recently I was at an awards breakfast. Six people received the Simonetti Award. Apparently only one prepared their remarks in advance. If your speech did not tap into preparation, practice, editing, polishing, and some anxiety, then you did not prepare correctly. If an audience member spent more time to decide what to wear to attend the event, than you spent on your speech, then you did not prepare correctly.

A third party, like a coach and/or speechwriter, can be an honest mirror and reduce the pain. Pain needs to be involved to end up with a stellar product, speech or resume. #speechwriter

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