Boris Johnson Got It So RIGHT: No One is Talking Parties or Protocol

A few months ago members of the British Parliament called for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign. His crime? Illegal partying at 10 Downing Street during COVID. Rules were in place that the PM clearly disregarded from social distancing to allowing more than 2 people to congregate.

Now Boris Johnson looks like the man he wrote about in 2014: Winston Churchill. Yesterday there Johnson was walking the streets of Kyiv with Ukraine President Zelensky. Walking past downed Russian equipment, talking to Ukraine citizens, and introducing himself as this guy from Britain.

When I talk about the verbal, vocal and VISUAL – this is why it is so important. The visual doesn’t just mean your suit or where you sit. This visual was HUGE.

No one in the UK or the UK press, who it appears can be more tenacious than the American press, is talking about parties or protocol. No one. That visual of Johnson in a suit sauntering down a main avenue in Kyiv has wiped every other image of Johnson from anyone’s memory. It’s like a collective lobotomy.

What if Biden had been photographed in Kyiv? Weeks ago the situation was different militarily and therefore security was probably different. Would we be talking about gas prices or the stock market if we had the visual of Biden on the ground?

Zelensky, now Johnson. You are watching experts at communicating a message and owning the narrative. What can you learn and apply? #BorisJohnson

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