What Does Howard Stern have to do with Your Visibility?

I tell my clients good things happen when you are visible IN PERSON. I can’t tell you what those things are or how they may help you. I can just tell you that good things happen when you are visible that would not happen from the confines of your home or office.

Yesterday I went to an “event”. I think everything is a networking “event” – standing in line at the dry cleaner can be a networking opportunity.

As a result of going to this “event”, I was invited to dinner with two very interesting people.  It is not getting me new business, it is not adding to my financial bottom line. It is adding to my morale! It will add to my self value.

Howard Stern has conducted most of his interviews for almost 3 years from his basement studio. He said in an interview on Morning Joe that he is having a hard time getting himself out of the basement.

Good things happen when we get out in person.

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