What I Learned at the Grammy’s Not to Do from Alicia and Michelle

If you watched the Grammy’s on SUNDAY night, I want to draw your attention to something you may have noticed or not noticed.

Alicia Keys was the host. She is very used to performing in front of thousands of people. But she is not used to hosting, speaking to thousands of people.

Several times when she had a talking only part, she swayed horridly.

Her feet were planted but she swayed so much I about had motion sickness.

I say this because I believe one of the hardest things in the world to do is to

stand calmly in front of people and talk. Not sing, not dance, not speak lines in a play, but to stand fearlessly and share a thought.

Even though Alicia Keys is accomplished at performing, she is not an expert

at speaking. She was challenged.

It is hard to do, even for people who are used to performing let alone us mere mortals.

Mindset first, know that is your goal: stand firmly and calmly to protect your message.

I don’t know what she said because I was focused on her swaying- that does not protect the message.

At the same award show, Alicia Keys introduced four of her best friends.

The curtain opened and in a horizontal line, were Lady GaGa, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama, and J Lo.

They all came down the steps at the same time. Three of them looked at the

audience as they walked down the steps. One of them looked down at the steps.

Michelle Obama has spoken to thousands and thousands of people. But she is not a performer and is not used to walking down steps in front of people. She looked down when she needed to be looking out at the crowd.

It’s just another example that every spoke on that communication wheel has to be learned. Just because someone is good at one spoke, does not mean they are good at all of them.

Diana Ross, at 75, rocked a ball gown, probably stilettos, sang and looked at the audience as she walked down her steps.

EVERY aspect of communicating and protecting your value has to be learned.



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