What’s a Pig Have to Do With It? A lot.

I’m not sure if there are lessons here, but it sure is a funny story!

As some of you know I have many “pet” charities that are animals: rabbits, donkeys of the Death Valley, retired greyhounds, whales, lions, retired elephants . . . you name it and in some way I have a connection.

One of these groups is IRONWOOD PIG SANCTUARY in Marana, Arizona-wherever that is. I receive their “old-fashioned” snail mail newsletter which makes me laugh and cry at the same time to see their rescue pot belly pigs looking for their forever homes.

On my most recent visit to Tucson to see my mom, I chose a different hotel than usual. The first morning I went out for a walk and to my surprise I come across the Marana city department. I guess I was in Marana. I kept walking to get in my 10,000 steps and to my astonishment I walk right past the IRONWOOD FARM. Now I am excited. I take out my phone to google the pig sanctuary and there in black and white it gives me their location as MARANA.

I email them through their website to tell them I AM HERE, and would love to see the sanctuary while in town. I get an answer that night while at a restaurant with my mom and sister. We email back and forth a few times and I am excited to have made a connection with this place I have felt connected to through their newsletter.

As we are leaving the restaurant I walk past a woman. For some reason I read her sweatshirt and it says IRONWOOD PIG SANCTUARY. I stop her and ask if she has been there. She says, I OWN IT! I said “oh my gosh, I have been emailing Ben.” She says, “Leslie!”

So there, in the vestibule of a small Mexican restaurant on a Sunday night in Tucson, my story comes almost full circle.

Greater Tucson has a population of a million people these days, and a few million more cactuses. There are over 4,000 restaurants in Tucson.

On this night I walk right past the owner of not only one of my pet groups, I walk past her minutes after our email communication. What are the chances?

I don’t know if there are really lessons learned or just an “it’s a small world” story.

If I hadn’t connected to the pot belly pigs, I would not have stayed connected to the sanctuary.

If I hadn’t stayed at a hotel by accident, in Marana, I would not have been reminded of the sanctuary.

If I had not taken out my phone and started emailing on the spot, seeing them in the restaurant would have been interesting but not as.

If I had not noticed that sweatshirt, if I had minded my own business and not said anything, and on and on and on.

Did any of this change the world? No. But it did bring a smile and some laughter and some differences of opinion as to the cuteness of Winnie the pig. And that was worth something.

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