Never Say Never: My Thoughts on Bill Belichick

I was never a big Belichick fan. Big Brady fan, yes. Belichick, no.

I am more of a Kraft fan than a Belichick fan. I admire Belichick’s coaching abilities but was never a huge fan of his communication style, or lack of communication and lack of style.

I can’t really forgive or forget his “diminished skills” remark about our Beloved Bernie Kosar back in 1993.

In this never say never world, I am now grateful and in awe of his post Super Bowl remarks. A gracious man taking responsibility, WHO KNEW?

I have long debated with athletes the role of a coach. The coach does not throw any passes, catch any balls, make a three pointer or miss a three pointer, hit a home run or a foul ball. Yet in my world the coach is very important.

In his press conference after this Super Bowl loss, he said

“we just couldn’t quite make enough plays, and that was all on me.  Obviously, we didn’t do a good enough job coaching.”

My “if it’s not an Oreo, it’s not a cookie” metaphor speaks to the clarity needed in communication. Is your audience of one or one hundred clear as to figuratively what kind of cookie you will eat?

Belichick did not blame a failed trick play, a missed field goal, missed extra point, two controversial calls that went against the Patriots, a leaky leaky defense or the absence of one of his past key players: he simply said it was “all on me”.

Juxtapose that with the bigger world today. How many presidents of companies or anything, take responsibility?

Does a student take responsibility for a poor grade or blame it on the teacher?

Does a job applicant take responsibility or blame the interview or the interviewee?

When we are late for work do we blame the roads or the fact that we did not leave early enough?

“Obviously, we didn’t do a good enough job coaching.”

Belichick is my new hero. Not because he won Super Bowls or has kept Brady or that he wins with little Hall of Fame talent.

He took responsibility. Do you?

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