Write Your Own Presidential Memo

We are almost on the eve of a presidential debate. STOP.

Don’t listen to the next pundit who tells you what the “candidate has to do to win”. Listen to you.

We still refer to the first Kennedy-Nixon debate for lessons learned. After the debate JFK asked advisor Clark Clifford what he thought. Clifford answered that he would tell him in a memo. The JFK Library teaches students to create their own score sheet and then write their own memo noting:

·        who they think “won” the debate.

·        what worked or didn’t work for their candidate.

·        how their candidate can help to improve his image.

·        what their candidate can do to better persuade voters that he is the right choice for them.

Write your own memo and then for fun send it to me. I would love to read it! #debate #presidentialdebate #potus

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