You Can’t Pick Up a Horse’s Hoof on Zoom

Zoom and remote working have their place. They are here to stay. As with any tool, the challenge is to use them well. Can you get your work done remote? Sure. Can you stand out, connect with others, and grow in the spotlight? I am doubtful.

Here is something you can’t do remote or on zoom. You can’t pick up a horse’s hoof and clean it out. You might be able to learn on youtube how to pick up a hoof. To actually pick it up, you have to be there.

You have to be there to select the horse, position yourself and the horse correctly. Cleaning a horse’s hoof can be the easiest task or have you in tears. You could end up begging the horse to pick up a hoof, which a horse can’t do until you shift or help the horse shift the weight off the leg you want to pick up.

As with many things, there is a “secret” a “secret sauce” to making the task easy. You can’t implement the “trick” until you are there, in position, and ready to ask for the hoof.

You run your closer hand down the leg between the knee and the fetlock. At the right point you press together your index and thumb, with the sinewy part of the leg in-between. Voila. Up comes the leg.

You have to be present, put yourself physically and mentally in a vulnerable place, and be engaged.

What can you apply this lesson to in your life? #horsetalk #leadership

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