A Lesson from Noodle King

Recently we were at a restaurant, Noodle King. We go there maybe twice a month.

The other night we walk in and sit down, rarely a wait, which is a draw. The waitress comes over. She remembers that I order cranberry juice, no ice. When I start to give her my dinner order she remembers it exactly. Same for the other members at our table.

What a nice feeling it is to be remembered. Years ago I had a client moving to Shang Hai. I suggested that she find a restaurant on the street she lived that could become her “Cheers”. A place that knew her name.

I was reminded of my advice when I was on the receiving end of “being remembered”. It’s nice to be remembered. It’s even nicer when someone remembers something specifically about us.

When was the last time you communicated that you remembered something specifically about someone? If remembering my cranberry juice, no ice, made an impression, just think of the impression you could make! #sushi #customerdelight

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