Too Hot, Too Cold? Too Thin, Too Fat?

Recently I attended an event with valet parking. As I was leaving, I walked by two of the valet”runners” talking to each other. I asked,” how many miles have you logged tonight”?

One young man immediately said, “not enough”. The other then said, “too many”.
And there you have it, two very different perspectives on the same event, the same situation, on the same night.

In that moment I was reminded that what we say and do is truly about our mindset. As an Executive Coach I talk about mindset: our verbal, vocal, and visual come from what we say to ourselves. This was such a real example of the power of mindset. Basically the same amount of steps taken was perceived in two very different ways.
And we wonder WHY we can’t agree on things as a country? hashtag#perspectives hashtag#mindset

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