What’s the Difference between a Driver and a Guide?

On our recent trip to Marrakesh, we had a “driver”. This nice man took us places, was there to pick us up with little waiting on our part, and allowed us to wonder at our own pace. It was a nice perk to have, but he was NOT a guideSo what really is the difference? He dropped us off at the ruins and the tombs, but we learned nothing about them. Nothing. He took us to a casbah, but I knew no more about what a casbah was after the visit than I did before.
Sophan was my “driver” who took me to the mountains to ride horseback. I learned more on the drive there and back than I did physically visiting the tourist destinations. He shared relevant, cultural, historical and practical knowledge. I now know what a casbah is, and I didn’t before Sophan, even when I took a photo of the Casbah Café, I didn’t really know what a casbah was.
I ask you, when you are giving a PowerPoint presentation, are you the driver or the guide? Are you just taking the audience to the destination or are you sharing information NOT on the PowerPoint?
Rule #12, the audience drives everything. What does your audience need or want to know? I went to the tombs. I saw them. Really, I didn’t want to know much, but I would like to have learned something while I was there, to in some way be better off than I was before seeing the tombs.
So does your audience. Are you the driver or the guide? #marrakesh

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