Another Lesson You Can Learn fro President Zelensky

During the years of WW2, FDR gave only 13 or 14 Fireside Chats. Although he is famous for them, by today’s standards there were not that many.

Juxtapose that number with the twice daily talks President Zelensky makes to his vast Ukraine audience. Although information is hard to come by, we understand that he speaks every morning and every evening to his country.

What can you learn that can be helpful to you in leading your team, department or company? CONSISTENCY. The more consistency in the “when” in addition to the “what”, the more effective you will be in delivering your message and moving forward.

Your audience needs to know WHEN they will hear from you. Not just an early hour Tweet from the bathroom, but a consistent schedule. And the WHAT, your message needs to be consistent. Words can change, intent needs to stay the same. #ZELENSKY #Ukraine

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