Women Finding Their Own Voice AND Jewelry

Two wore huge hoop earrings, one wore turquoise, one wore a bold colorful necklace and there were few pantsuits to be found. The female governors, members of Congress, and well known faces appeared to throw out the manual on how women in elected office should dress.

Women are always under much more scrutiny than men for how they dress their shoes, their jewelry, hair color, hair style, and every fashion choice.

All effective speakers realize that they have multiple audiences. Every speaker has more than one homogeneous audience and more than the audience that they see in front of them: press, international press, leaders of foreign countries, their party members, members of opposing party, etc., etc. etc.,  At the recent Democratic convention it was as though these successful women decided that they have one most important audience: themselves.

One wore her hair long and straight, another wore it short and sleek. One wore white and one wore bright yellow. One wore a bold necklace and one wore a very delicate necklace that said VOTE. Inquiries about the VOTE necklace almost broke the internet.

The women speakers of the Democratic convention marched to their own drummer and apparently the band played on.

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