John McCain Returns With a Nail in a Coffin

After the first night of the Democratic Convention I said, I like it. I still like it. I like to hear the different voices and see the different faces of the party. Some speakers were given one minute, two minutes, eight minutes and a few received a few more.

In today’s media-Instagram-FB-LinkedIn- world if you can’t say something of substance in two minutes then you are not relevant. Sorry but that is real life. It is as true for you in a job interview, a sales presentation or a marriage proposal as it is true in a formal speaking situation.

Last night Michelle Obama, or Miche if you read Becoming, wore a necklace. A subtle, delicate not-in-your-face necklace. II you looked closely you could read that it said, VOTE. Apparently enough people could read it that they almost broke the internet trying to purchase the necklace. What is important here is that your audience notices everything. Something does not have to be big and in your face to be noticed. Even if you are not Miche.

That has to be the shortest amount of time Bill Clinton spoke and one of the few tines that he respected the amount of time he was given.

No one yet has had the opportunity to dazzle the American public as Mario Cuomo, Ann Richards, and Barack Obama each did. On the other hand, lightening does not strike every convention. I enjoyed being introduced to 17 diverse candidates – and no one had the pressure of having to live up a mostly unattainable bar.

Of all the things I like about Colin Powell that he speaks Yiddish is at the top of the list. As a D I bristle when people in his own party refer to Powell as a RHINO. I have the utmost respect for Powell and I appreciate that he weighed in at this time.

I was glad to have to have John McCain included. He was a war hero-regardless of what TRUMP said- and an honorable man and I am glad his presence was included.

Jacquelyn Asbie should be America’s new sweetheart as she said to Biden on an elevator in New York City, I Love You.

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