One of the World’s Best Kept Secrets: The Value of Being Interesting

No one talks about it. Really. Or let’s say rarely does anyone come anywhere close to talking about “it”. “It” is like oxygen or asbestos. It’s there but rarely talked about.

The “it” is the value of being interesting. I believe being interesting has a high value in the corporate word, and is a great way to protect one’s value. Rarely do people talk about how to be interesting or why there is a value in being interesting.

First you have to buy into the value of developing relationships. If that is a value to you, then you may see the value in being interesting. If you know the new restaurants in NYC, the clever new hostess gifts, or the story behind Einstein’s first wife, then you may have a way to connect to that prospective client, CEO, or interviewer.

Second you need a strategy for how you will collect interesting Intel. I stress the Sunday NYT’s for its breadth of interest from real estate to pop culture. Podcasts, Tik-Tok, YouTube or you may identify your own way to collect diamonds of info.

The goal is to be interesting. To be the person everyone at an event  wants to talk to, the person who makes the small talk section of an interview memorable. Once that is your goal, you can figure out the strategy. #coaching #ceoskills

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